About me

Hi all! I am Edwin Seah, I am from Singapore. I had never paid much attention to food and for more specifically, a guy who spent most of his hours in a cubicle and eating for was a duty that needed to be done. Some years back, all these changed when Edwin realized I ate the same boring food for many years and I started cooking for myself. After that, I came to know my interest in making food and trying new cuisine is much more than this 8-9 hours job. Edwin Seah love to try new food and create new recipes. But I never loved olives. Edwin Seah is not a professional chef or food expert but I learn things from my experiences. Before knowing about Edwin Seah interest in cooking and trying new things, He used to eat Ramen, easy to cook and delicious. Then I understand how much money I spent on finding Ramen or ordering online food. After someday, I started planning for making food and listing groceries. Till now, I cook my food on my own and explore different cuisines.

Talking about Edwin Seah favorite cuisine, Edwin terrible at picking favorites. But I am telling you some, I love Salad and Bulgur Wheat and Shrimp Salad is one of my favorites. I love Korena Noodle stir-fry, I can eat Tofu anytime and I love Indian cuisine, Korean cuisine and Singapore an (born with it). I am also a fan of Gazpacho, it is a Spanish dish. If you talk about Fish, Edwin Seah love fully baked Fish. On this website Edwin going to share food experiences. Bon, voyage!