Whether you love to cook or just love to try a new cuisine, we all know our favorite food. There are plenty of options in this world; you might love Chinese, Latin American or classic American food. If you have tried many cuisines then it’s time to try my favorites. It’s time to explore new cuisines that you never tried. The trying thing that you never tried before or stepping a little outside the comfort zone gives different pleasure. I tried Caribbean food that incorporated various traditions blended over time and it includes African, Creole and Latin American. In Caribbean cuisine the Fish, Chicken and made into stews with the blend of Caribbean spices.

Vietnamese cuisine is my second favorite, as it depicts the culture and the yin and yang with the perfect mix of spice, bitter, salty taste. Also, they have five colors that give five senses with the meal. They also consist of cooling and warming elements in their food. Shrimp paste, nuoc mam, rice fruits and many more. They always include ginger, mint, lemongrass and other herbs.

Indian cuisine is one of my all-time favorites. But Indian cuisine varies by region, but majorly Indians are vegetarian and beef is very rare there. With so much diversity and complexity of special spices and flavors makes it different from others. They include cumin, coriander, ginger, turmeric, cloves, cinnamon and many more which give the dish different flavor and texture. They have meat and vegetables with sauce, rice, dal (lentils) and bread. Homemade cottage cheese is also very famous there. If you want to share your favorite cuisine then you welcome to share with me. I will try it.