Preparing meals at home boost good health and it also makes your wallet healthy. But in this busy world, we need everything quick and in minimal time. There are other priorities and to-do lists in everybody’s life, so spending time in the kitchen is never a priority for everyone. After that the easiest solution everyone finds is ordering online. But that’s unhealthy and you have to spend a lot on that. So, before clicking for the food, ordering your favorite Chinese or frozen food, you can make it for yourself. You can have a nutritious home-cooked meal. I am going to share my easy and healthy recipes that you can cook in 10 minutes tops. For Breakfast, you can have Peace cobbler Oatmeal. It consists of fresh Peaches; you can add your choice of nuts and other fruits. If you are a sweet tooth then it will satisfy you. You can also have a Tofu dish.

In Lunch, you can make Ramen Bowl with Rice Noodles with tofu and fresh Pea shoots. This is a vitamin-rich easy to cook Lunch that will give the nutrients required. You can also have Tomatoes, cucumber, olives, and feta Panzanella. As you can see olives are very healthy that helps in absorbing nutrients in the veggies. If you are a non-veg lover then you can have chicken Burrito. It is easy to cook when mixed with Avocado, cheese and cooking it. Talking about dinner, you can have healthy Veggie fried rice. If you have leftover fried rice then it is best for you to have brown fried rice as dinner. There are many other options too and if you want to